UPDATE: November 5th 2020

The latest guidance states that all accommodation providers must close unless the exemptions set out in law apply.

Accommodation providers should only open for those who:

  • Are unable to return to their main residence.
  • Use that accommodation as their main residence.
  • Need accommodation while moving house or attending a funeral.
  • Need to self-isolate as required by law.
  • Need accommodation for the purposes of their work, or children who need accommodation for the purposes of education.
  • Are elite athletes, their coach or (in the case of an elite athlete who is a child), the parent of an elite athlete, and need accommodation for the purposes of training or competition.
  • Are currently in that accommodation at the time when national restrictions come into force.
  • Are visiting from abroad on holiday or for work purposes.
  • Are being provided accommodation to relieve homelessness.

If you do not fit any of these criteria then I’m sorry to say that I cannot accommodate you.

I am working hard to find guidance for those needing overnight accommodation for hospital appointments/operations & will update this page once I have it!  Please feel to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns…. I’ll do my best to be of service.

The up to date Government guidance on the law applying to Accommodation Providers & overnight stays can be found here: GUIDANCE

Stay safe, stay strong & hope to see you soon!