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Oxford is a popular destination with several million people visiting our fine city every year. There is a lot to see here, and Paul is a mine of local information to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful sights or secrets to discover.

One of the world’s most famous university cities, Oxford is a beautiful, privileged place. It is steeped in history and studded with medieval buildings, yet maintains the feel of a young city, thanks to its large student population. The elegant honey-toned buildings of the university’s colleges scattered throughout the city wrap around tranquil courtyards along narrow cobbled lanes and inside their grounds a studious calm reigns. The city’s famed dreaming spires twirl into the sky above.

Oxford is a wonderful place to wander: the oldest colleges date back to the 13th century and little has changed inside the hallowed walls since. But along with the rich history, tradition and energetic academic life there is a busy, lively world beyond the college walls, and the city’s non-university population far outnumber the academic elite. Just as in Cambridge, the existence of ‘town’ beside ‘gown’ makes Oxford more than simply a bookish place of learning.

Oxford has long been considered a cultural hot-bed & is a mere hour from London. The music scene is lively with classical concerts, top-notch jazz & a rocking band-scene (notable local bands include Radiohead, Supergrass, Foals & Ride) all scattered across the cities many venues. The city boasts 5 theatres that stage big west end hits as well as specialist arthouse productions & one mustn’t forget the outdoor productions in the Summer months!

Geographically, Oxford is an island city in the midst of the River Thames. The great cities of London & Birmingham are but an hour away and their airports straightforward & swift to get to/from. Blenheim Palace & Windsor Castle are nearby and the Cotswolds are close at hand. Once out of the city limits, the countryside opens up allowing easy access to beautiful scenery & villages.

Come explore this world-famous medieval city & lose yourself in the meandering alleys of old!