Novel-Coronavirus (Covid-19)… reassurance


I’d like to reassure visitors that Sandfield Guest House remains free of Covid-19 & that every precaution is being taken in order to help protect guests, any visitors, my family & Sandfield Guest House as a business.

The following actions have been taken as part of ongoing efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19:

* A hand sanitising station has been set up in the porch with a notice for visitors to use it before even touching the front door, the door handles or doorbell.

* All of these surfaces are disinfected 4 times a day as well as on an as hoc basis when their use is noted.

* Sanitisers, tissues & dedicated pedal-bins have been placed in all public areas & dining room ( I am working on sourcing enough sanitiser to place in all guest rooms & as soon as sufficient is acquired will be doing so)

* Public notice signage & handwashing guides have been distributed throughout the premises including guest rooms.

*House-keeping has been geared up to disinfect frequent-contact-surfaces (handles, switches, remotes, etc) as part of the daily routine.

Vigilance, high standards of hygiene and accurate information will go a long way in helping limit the spread of this virus and I intend to maintain all here at Sandfield Guest House… Stay tuned for updates!

PS: don’t expect me to shake your hand if you knock at the door… it’s nothing personal. 👍