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Covid Restrictions Update 12th July 2021

Covid Restrictions Update 12th July 2021

There will inevitably be a mixed response to the UK Government’s recent announcement that restrictions are to be further lifted next Monday (19th July 2021).

Until I can better understand my responsibilities to you please rest assured that none of the protocols and processes put in place to minimise the risk of infection will change here at Sandfield Guest House.

I am on vacation for the next 6 days (will little access to the internet) but will be watching the news and poring over industry guidelines as they come in.

Then the urgent task of thinking long and hard begins: how to keep everyone in Sandfield Guest House (guest or resident) safe and secure whilst offering the highest levels of comfort and service.

It will be a fine balance and I believe I will strike it well.

As always, rest assured that guests’ and my family’s safety will remain paramount.

Thank you for your patience as the entire industry scrambles to figure out what to do next (me included!).

I value your input and encourage you to contact me directly should you have any concerns or queries about an existing or potential booking.


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