Covid-19: Essential Information

Update: 10th December 2022  at 13:30 GMT

Despite the easing of Covid Restrictions it is vital that we remain personally vigilant and stop the spread of Covid.

I have therefore taken the decision to relax some of the protocols put in place to mitigate the infection risks to both guests and my family.

I will no longer be keeping rooms fallow for 24 hours before guests arrive.  Rest assured, all other protocols (including fogging rooms with sanitising vapour during pre-arrival house-keeping) will remain robust.

For example, whilst it is no longer a legal obligation to wear face-coverings in the public areas of Sandfield Guest House I still owe all guests a Duty of Care under UK Law and so ask that guests wear face-coverings in our public spaces.  This is not an obligation, just a gentle request.

Equally, Social Distancing will be expected of all guests.  There is no reason not to maintain a 2 metre space between those in the house so why wouldn't we?

The over-arching UK Government guidance was updated 9th February 2022 and can be found HERE.

The guidance for Hotels and other Guest Accommodation was updated 27th January 2022 and I continue to keep abreast of developments.  Key updates will be highlighted here and a Risk Assessment will be published in due course.  Click HERE for the guidance itself.

The updated conditions for National Travel that continue to apply and can be found HERE.

In short, you must not travel at all if you: have been told by the NHS Test and Trace service to self-isolate

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